Welcome to our world of coaching, where all change is possible, well if you are up for change that is!

If you feel as though there is something in your life you want to change, then you are in (one of) the right place(s).

We all know that life can be really hard at sometimes! things happen, how we feel changes and suddenly we are faced with something in life that is holding us back or making us feel anxious or unable to focus on more positive things.

Scott Duncan is a Coach who uses proven techniques with clients to help them change their lives.  Many of these techniques are used by high performers in professional sports, TV, radio, film and the music industry.  High performers get support to get over the things in life that have been holding them back.  My job is to use these skills to help you to see a better life in the future.  To help you wipe out your inner chatter, delete negative images in your mind and get results.

You as a client.

Clients Coaching is the same that the high-performance clients get to make lasting change.  As a client, you get to tap into the skills and experience that will help you make change where it really matters to you, in your life. I help you get focused on developing your future in a way that feels more in line with who you want to be.

Many of us feel that there is something not quite right in the different area of our life, it might be affecting our very experience of everyday life, our relationships, levels of happiness, performance at work, ability to thrive in business, performance in selling yourself and being your true self.

Finding what you are looking for?

Have a look through the site, see if there is anything that appeals to you, sounds like something you want to address in your life and get in contact for a free consultation to see if we are a good match to work together, and you are ready to make changes.

Here is my we face, so that when you finally meet me, you don't get too much of a fright (unless I have my glasses off, then I look like me, without my glasses on), another thing, I may use bad humour as part of the session, this does not come with an extra charge, it is part of the service (feedback welcome).

Scott Duncan Change Coach

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