A Day to Change Your Life live 2 – 2017

Ali Campbell a day to change your life

A Day to Change Your Life live 2 – 2017

A Day to Change Your Life…with one of the worlds leading personal development coaches and best selling author – Ali Campbell and special guest life coach, professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing winner, Camilla Dallerup coming to the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland.

The day is based on what has been called “a game changer in the study of the unconscious”.

Scientists are now supporting what Ali has believed and worked with for many years, that “unconscious processes can perform every fundamental, basic-level function that conscious processes can perform.”

That being the case you can program your mind to automatically change your life.

Habits, Thoughts, Behaviour Patterns even ambition, drive, creative ability and the capacity to learn are ALL functions of your subconscious mind.
Due to massive popular demand and delegate success since my last event this event time we are going even bigger and better!

This event is ALL about YOUR SUCCESS, REAL TECHNIQUES YOU CAN PUT INTO PRACTICE IMMEDIATELY. I would even say that you will learn how to succeed at absolutely anything you put your mind to!

WARNING: This is NOT one of those ‘American style positive thinking events’ I’ve been to plenty of those and know that here we approach things a little differently.

This is all about REAL CHANGE for REAL SUCCESS in the REAL WORLD.

‘A Day to Change Your Life’ was the start of a journey of personal change and growth and led to me finally starting my coaching practice over and above the therapy work that I had already trained in before hand.  It helped me decide what my next move was in my own life and built my confidence to take action that I had been putting off for over 18 years.  Ali Campbell is a great mentor and coach to me and other professional coaches and it took me a long time to find people in this area of work like Ali.

The event is affordable and could help you get that little moment of clarity that changes the trajectory of the rest of your life. I look forward to seeing you there on the day.

Get your hands on a ticket, click here and book up, the tickets sell out fast! 

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