Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating

Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating

I have been following Tim Ferriss’s work for years now, after reading his book ‘Four Hour Work Week‘, which is basically about high level performance and effectiveness, not about laziness as many people who have not read the book and only seen the title assume it is about. Tim Ferris on how to start meditating is helpful if you have struggled to learn to meditate in the past.

Tim’s podcast has been a great source of learning about loads of great people and different approaches to life as well as learning from people who I would otherwise been unlikely to have found (in the main) on my own.

This Tim Ferriss Video on how to start meditating has great advice for people thinking about getting into meditation, but not sure where to begin.

He makes the point that, if you are in doubt about spending time meditation each day as you are not sure if it will give you any benefits, then it is worth a bash.

I have found that simple meditation, leading into more in depth methods in time were very effective and help you realise aspects of your mind that you would otherwise be unlikely to tap into.

Observing your thoughts from another perspective can take you to another level, improve your present state of awareness and improve your general well-being.

One great exercise that I used was shown to me by personal development coach and mentor Ali Campbell while I was on my Life Coaching Training Course was as follows: (read this through all the way before you begin)

  1. sit comfortably on a chair,
  2. with feet flat on the floor,
  3. turn your hands up to the ceiling,
  4. close your eyes,
  5. take a slow, deep breath in through your nose
  6. slowly release the breath through your mouth
  7. now repeat that breath another three times in and out slowly
  8. for 1 minute, just sit in silence and notice the sound of your breath
  9. after the minute (which you could use a timer for with a gentle sound to bring your awareness back to the room)…
  10. open your eyes when you are ready

Now repeat all steps above for another minute, but this time, pay attention to your thoughts.

again, repeat steps 1 to 10, while, noticing your thoughts, as a thought arrives, allow it to pass through!

this 3 minute exercise can help you change how you feel, act and respond to your inner thoughts.

Tim Ferriss also. bravely practices a stoic approach to his attire sometimes, which basically comes from a philosophy of being ‘clad’ in attire that is not flattering to get over your own feelings and fears around what others will think of you… I probably have experience of that in my youth when I really did not bother what people thought about the way I look… maybe I will go back to that approach one day.

Notes from the Tim’s YouTube video: 

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