vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients

vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients. In this clip I go into my own experience of getting life coaching as the ‘client’.  Where I also talk about results I have seen in other people who have been through the same journey.

vlog: Scott’s experience of life coaching which he trained in to help people get better results in life.

“I thought I was going to learn a course that would simply help me to help other people with Life Coaching! I did not expect my own ‘aha moments’ while I was learning how to be a practitioner. Ali’s course delivery and content was excellent”

I has trained in NLP, hypnotherapy, thought field therapy, Tai Chi (Chi Kung) and never thought I would train to be a life coach, but once I experienced the process for myself, in the client side.  I decided that I needed to learn the skills and help others.

Options for clients include The Intensive and a Ten Session Course. These courses both get great results for clients, while they offer flexibility to suit the clients needs.  Life Coaching is for clients who feel a stuck in general, want changes like career, relationship, business.

‘vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients’ was written in an attempt to try and share some of my experience. Like many things in life, until you go through the experience yourself, it might be hard to see what I mean.

Get in touch… If you want to get support through life coaching, performance coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Hypnotherapy, then get in touch and we can improve how tomorrow looks in comparison to your past.  My approach with coaching is to bring the tools to the sessions, think on my feet and use which ever tools work best for you.

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