The Ship at Sea & Navigating through your life!

cruise ship at sea - analogy for life

The Ship at Sea & Navigating Through Your Life!

The ship is like you, the vessel represents our body.  The ships instruments which help you steer and direct the ship as well as the warning equipment are like your mind and thoughts, and the captain is like your actions and behaviour. The ship at sea and navigating through life is a story that is meant to relate back to our experience of life.

The destination has been agreed, you are to travel from your past destination, which is where you have come from in life, you may have had to wait to catch a high tide to leave that old port, you might have longed to leave it for a long time, you may even have sat in the shore thinking about travel, but you found it hard to start.

“A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd

Once you head out into the open ocean we are in charge, we can change the destination, as long as we plan for it.  Even though we can change the way we are going at any point, it can take the ship a little while to adjust, slow down and ramp up speed again towards our new chosen horizon.

There will be storms out there at see, you may encounter high winds, tall waves, other ships to look out for, other ships and small vessels that are also going about there journey.  Your inner compass can help you direct your ship, other instruments help you to avoid issues in the near future, like bad weather etc.  You will also have moments of calm, when all is well and there is little to do apart from maybe get a wee bit of down time and let the other experienced professionals take over.

You are out at sea throughout most of this journey, now and then you are greeted near the coastline with supply vessels to get supplies and materials on-board to make the next part of the journey pleasant (food, water, drink), possible (engine lubricants) and even bearable (some poor folks getting travel sickness tablets maybe).

There are lots of activities on-board – fun, social, therapeutic, family, meeting new friends and bumping into old friends along the way.  As the captain though, it is your minds jobs to decide on how you look after and maintain the vessel, how the passengers treat the ship and its crew.  Every now and then, a few of those 3000 passengers may need to be dropped off at a port to allow them to carry on their journey as they see fit.

How you can use this in your life?

Your life, life the ships and it’s journey can change direction!

Once out at sea, you can make contact with coast guard and other ships to keep you on track and keep you, the crew, the passengers and the captain from harm.  This in the end helps you navigate to some of the most amazing ports on earth… When you arrive in some locations it is time to rest, while in others it’s time to chat to the locals, anther port it’s time for celebration… give yourself time to live!

Keep in mind that:

  • There are resources that you can access to help you navigate – people, training, talks, books, Youtube, online courses (many free ones out there)
  • The ship you are in needs time to recuperate and maintenance, needs time to rest and needs slow down a little into the night.
  • The captain can chose to take notice of warning signs and make decisions, but through experience can also decide when there is actually no risk at all.
  • we can also turn the volume down on our own thoughts… they are just that, thoughts! Like ripples in the sea, or waves on the shore… good or bad, they can come and let them go.

If you want help to navigate through parts of your life, I am here to help.  It is not for everyone, In-fact I would put people off if they are just looking to skim the top of an issue, is you want to change how you see any aspect of your life and feel ready to try, Please get in touch here!

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