Getting over being a victim of crime

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Getting over being a victim of crime!

Being the victim of any crime can be something that lasts beyond the crime itself.  You can sometimes get help from services within the justice system, however, in my experience, this can very much depend on luck, a postcode lottery, the leadership in your local justice system and the constraints that they work under. Getting over being a victim of crime is possible and there are tools to help you through it quickly and effectively.

I am sharing this post as I was the victim of a hit and run incident in 2003.  I was in the car as a passenger with my girlfriend who was the drive and we were hit head-on at high speed by young males who had stolen the car from a family member in the Paisley area in Scotland.  The driver and two passengers of the other car left us trapped and struggling in our car, they ran off into the night like ‘rats up a drainpipe’ never to face the justice system.

In another video and post, I go into more detail about the actual incident, so I won’t labor the facts here.

Life after being a victim of crime

It took me about 6 months to get past the fear of getting into cars and feel safe, trains and not want to get straight back of and loud noises freaked me out for years.  That was until I found out NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) might be able to help me to get over the traumatic event.  Right after the accident, I went for counseling at the University of Strathclyde where I had just started studying.  I went to other councilors and for talking therapy, plus spoke about it a lot to people I knew, to the point they were probably sick listening to me.  The councilling sessions seemed to work for a handful of people I knew who were struggling with other mental health issues at Uni, but it just was not effective for me in terms of change or results.

It started to affect other areas of my life, where I felt that at any moment someone could just take my life away.  It started to act itself out in both positive and negative ways. In positive ways I started to consciously say to myself, well I could help prevent these issues if I talk to young people about the consequences of their actions in youth and employability groups (schools, groups and youth organisation).  I was asked to talk about my experiences with adult groups and organisations as well as people who had heard my story felt there were some life lessons in there too.

From a negative point of view, I was still scared to admit that I was, in fact, walking about scared for my own safety, I was angry that that system had let me down, I wanted the young men who caused the accident to pay for what they had done, maybe even with a wee injury or two.  I had very mixed emotions about the whole thing and I was feeling as though it was becoming too overwhelming.

The amazing changes came when I learned self-hypnosis, went to an NLP practitioner (a nice guy with good intentions – this is really important in the NLP and self-development field).   I realised in an instant that I was living out the incident in ‘high definition’ in my mind every day for years after the event.  It had started to affect my behavior, I acted a little like someone who I did not like.  If I was drinking I would dring myself into the stage of blackout and this with still acceptable within the social situations that I was in.  I self-medicated with ‘social drinking’, smoking and partying ‘like there was no tomorrow’.

I have made a lot of changes over the years, but I can honestly say that the biggest shifts came for me through getting support from the NLP practitioner and learning self-hypnosis.  It’s the main reason what motivated me to want to learn NLP, coaching, and hypnotherapy.  I learned it to help other people who need help getting over being a victim of a crime or traumatic event.

I am here to help you if you are ready to get help to get through being a victim and want things to play out better in life as a result.  I am here for you if you want to re-frame the crime to actually being a positive experience in your life. I have learned amazing techniques that I know from experience have helped me and millions of others across the world to get over past life events.

If you are sick of letting the criminal affect your life and want help getting over being a victim of crime get in touch via the online form for a free initial consultation or call me on my mobile 07825 270 170 to have a chat through how I can help you to get beyond your own experience.

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