Facing Your Fears

scott duncan youtube channel video about facing your fears

Facing Your Fears

Do you have challenges in facing your fears? I have had sessions with a lot of clients who have avoided specific situations, simply to avoid fear.  You can get help to face your fear.

Facing your fears in life can be about changing a bad habit, creating new habits, trying something that scares you like public speaking (filming yourself and for youtube or facebook video) or getting past a phobia.

Here I a very short clip of me facing one of my own fears, talking on camera in an in-car video and talking very quickly about my coaching practice.

Facing my fear of heights

In 2008 I signed up for a tandem parachute jump for charity with a team of people from work.  Me and the other senior managers had signed up together to do the jump. When the process started for signing up to the jump, while get the forms out of the way.  It became clear that I would be the only one from the company doing the jump.  Other members of the senior management team were either over the maximum body weight or had health conditions which made them ineligible for the insurance.   I got myself psyched-up on the day of the jump, a very early start, then the weather went against us… so the jump was eventually called off until the following weekend.  The fear I had started to build throughout that week, I was excited, but scared at the same time.

Doing a tandem sky dive for charity

On the day of the jump (for Brake – The UK Road Safety Charity), I took myself out of the way to check myself, I was worrying all over the place, overthinking the ‘what if this, what if that’ stuff.  Eventually I remembered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that I had been taught by a great teacher of NLP.  The technique helped me re-frame my thinking and calm down right away and have learned how to help other people with the same effective technique.  I ended up just feeling excited and full of anticipation and I really enjoyed the jump in the end.

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You can see the (a bit long winded) charity fund raiser tandem sky dive here on youtube.

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