Every Business in Scotland should be using these three Google tools

When I started to write content on my website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), I realised quite quickly that I would have to get smarter with the way I produced my online presence.  I know my Coaching Business well, where it is going, I had started to decide on my target audience and sat down in front of my PC (laptop and mobiles) then realised that like many other businesses, I had no idea what I should write about and why I was doing it.

I attended a Royal Bank of Scotland event in Glasgow called #RBSBoost where I was astonished when People Development Expert Craig McHugh spoke about ‘COVERT’ing visitors to your website and social media into actual business, sales, bookings etc. Craig posed a question to the audience of around 250 to 300 people, asking;

Who in the room uses these tools, Google Analytics, Google Site Speed and/or Google Adsense/AdWords.

I was amazed that only myself and a few young people (plus a few techie/social media experts) said they used them… I took a look at the large auditorium and wondered, why the hell are these businesses not using these tools?

Every business person in Scotland has to have a look at these tools and spend at least three hours of their life learning a bit about what they do for business! I know the excuses for not taking this action will be something like… ‘I already pay an agency to do out website/social media work’, ‘I have a team of people and someone does this work for us’, It’s not that important and I have limited time.

Social media, data analysis, and the web are here to stay and we need to understand them a bit, even if you have a 100% offline experience-based business or run a chicken farm in the middle of nowhere… your customers and suppliers are on there and so are your potential customers.  Scotland is lagging behind the rest of the UK and I think there are a few reasons for this.

Here is the video I posted @youtube to hopefully persuade a few other business people to get in on this work.

I really urge young people (and anybody who is not sure where they will work in the future) to learn these applications and start to talk to businesses about how they talk to and listen to their clients… how do they know what they are searching for and which content they like and dislike.

Scotland is a world leader in Industry, Engineering, Food and Renewable Energy to name a few… and we should be a world leader online.


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