Skills and techniques that helped me change my life!

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Tools that helped me change my life!

I started learning about personal development when I was 17 years old yo help me change my life.  I had a fascination with coaching from my very early years, even in Primary School (around age 9/10).  I used to coach a friend through school who had a recognised learning challenge (many years later when he was in transition to Secondary school, aged 11).  There were two male teachers who liked using violence and verbal abuse.  It meant that me and a few other (mostly boys as far as I know) were left with some very limiting self-beliefs (as a results of negative affirmations of well-meaning and not so well-meaning teaching staff), I was lucky enough to also have a few exceptional teachers in both primary school and secondary school… so it was not all bad (mostly though).

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I was told by one early year’s teacher that I was a ‘not worth teaching’ and would ‘amount to nothing’, between his shouting and bawling at me and a few other people in his classroom I learned basically to shut my mouth and try and anticipate how to avoid a massive shouting session with this aggressive angry man who would lean over us and shout abusive crap into our face.

Since leaving school after achieving not very much academically at all, I decided that learning was mostly done to that date outside the classroom, from listing to family, peers and my two older brothers.  I left school as soon as I could and ended up in a dead-end position in my life on a few occasions.  To help me get out of a rut I started to improve my reading level (which at the end of leaving education was shocking.  I started reading every self-help, psychology and philosophy book I could get my hands on, it was a long process as my reading and retention levels were poor and I would have to read sentences over and over again until I finally took it in. If only we had youtube back then!

I eventually got round to reading about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) when I was 18 years old and started to read everything I could across as many authors new and as practically possible.

Around the same time my personal life took a few turns over the next few years and until I was about 22 years old, some major issues came up,  My home life had fallen apart and I had become a Dad at a young age and was for a very short time, left with nowhere to live and never told anybody where I was for a few days.  Totally embarrassed I eventually went back as a young adult for over a year to live with at my Mums house.  Life was pretty much falling apart.  Again, it was time to change my life.

That all said, I knew that I have developed skills that would help me shape my own future, help me improve how I saw the world around me and take me on a long journey of change.  I used NLP to get over past events, trauma and fears.   I also used NLP to get to understand young people in my work as a youth and community worker and launch one of many small business ideas as a young aspiring entrepreneur.

I learned NLP, Tai Chi – Chi Kung (instruction), relaxation techniques and mindfulness. This was what started to shift and change the game.  I learned some fundamental tools around mindset and how, the way it was that day, was not always going to be how it was forever, I could change my life.  I knew that I would need to work hard to get my life from where it was at to something worth living.

Today, I have years of experience in some amazing tools and have increased my learning a lot with some amazing world class coaches and mentors to now be able to help you realise your dreams and aspirations for the future.  I help people change aspects of there life that are holding them back and it is amazing to have this insight everyday.  please share this post and the website to help me get more out about my work and how it can help other people like you and me.

Get in touch if you want help to change your own life.

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