About Me

About Me - Scott Duncan Life & Business Coach


I started learning NLP when I was 17 years old, with some simple techniques I changed the direction of my life and career.  Since then I trained under some amazing and well known Life and Business Coaches who helped me learn Business, entrepreneurship and coaching. 

Over the following 20 years I learned techniques and strategies to help people get past their fears in life and business.  This has included working with people to get past their fears, avoid procrastination, settle their anxiety, silence their negative self talk and inner chatter, remove limiting self beliefs and put simply help them light a fire inside to go after and achieve their goals and dreams. 

I work with senior business woman to help them get beyond their limiting self beliefs or through a traumatic or problem event in their lives too... working in communities to help young unemployed people get out of their own way and change their lives through gaining lasting and meaningful employment or creating an income through enterprise. 

In business I focus on working with business people who want more out of life and their business, who are ready to put in the work and work through a coaching process to achieve tangible and meaningful goals along the way. 

In working closely with clients I learn the pain points within their business and industry, the sales process, their brand, learn about the competition and what the opportunities and threats are to the business and most importantly to the business owner or senior management. 

I work closely with leaders within businesses to ensure they are doing more than just hammering a 'culture into people' and help them find ways to make the business realise its try WHY or purpose as well as achieve goals and objectives. 

 Quote from one of the UK top Coaches and Scott's Mentor Ali Campbell

"Scott is the guy in the room who, had just a 'knack', a nice way, a gentle word, but equally an ability to effect change in the people he was working with..." Ali Campbell - One of the UK's top Life and Business Coaches and a Best Selling Author.

Contact me if you are ready to make lasting change in your life and perform at your highest level within your business.