About Me

About Me

Scott Duncan Coach


I’m Scott Duncan, I’m married to Sarah, have three amazing kids, was born in Paisley and today I live in Houston in Renfrewshire, Scotland. 

A little bit about me… I left School age 16 having achieved poor academic results, then going from one dead-end job to another.  I had struggled with low literacy levels, got myself into a rut in my early 20’s, became a young parent and struggled to make enough money to keep the heating on and feed my young daughter.

In early years I suffered a lot of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of the primary education system. I developed behavioural problems, later in life, I went on to be recognised as having dyslexia (in my 20’s).  On leaving education I tried about 6 college courses, had over 30 jobs within a handful of years and would leave a job at the drop of a hat.

My self-worth was in the gutter and I ended up spending a sobering night or two on the street, which made me finally decide with tears running down my face that enough was enough.

I had improved my reading as best as I could and learned a little bit about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  I soon came across audiobooks, which allowed me to learn at a pace similar to others and started to changed the course of my life.

I finally started to recognise positive outcomes when I worked initially as a volunteer at 18 years of age in a local youth club, helping other young people in Foxbar, Paisley (Scotland).

I had finally found something that I could really relate to, helping people look for positive outcomes in challenging situations, plus it also helped me focus on other people instead of myself.  Eventually, that led me into part-time work that I could do around my hectic home life, which had daily threats from our lovely drug-induced neighbours who didn’t care that there were children in the house.

In my early 20’s after a number of failed (and some wacky) business ventures, my relationship fell apart, I was back staying at my mum’s house, failed another business, had essentially bankrupt myself with yet another crap business venture and limited access to my daughter.

I had proven myself to be ‘a failure’, yet again to the people around me, who were the very people I was trying to gain approval from.  It was a very low point in my life, I could not see a way out. A number of times in my mid-teens and early twenties I turned avoiding reality and I considered taking my own life a number of times.

A head-on ‘hit and run’ car accident really shook me up in my mid 20’s, making me re-evaluate myself, recognise self-sabotaging behaviour and years later, decide I wanted to put myself to good use in the world, add value instead of taking value and do something that will outlive me when I’m gone.

I decided that I needed to move into a new stage of my life.  I needed to find tools that would help me change my thinking, gain self-belief, have some kind of self-control, feel ‘good enough’ about myself and have something to live for.

Then, I went on a journey of self-directed learning, anything I could do to improve my literacy, reading speed, study skills, confidence, self-belief, goal setting, getting past trauma and stretching myself.

Before we got married, Sarah supported me by helping me to build my confidence up enough to go to University as a ‘mature student’.  When I studied Community Education at Strathclyde University I also pursued an interest in enterprise and personal development while working in street-based youth-work across Renfrewshire.

The Back Story to becoming a Coach

I started learning NLP when I was around 18 years young, with some simple techniques I started to change parts of my outlook on life.  Since then I have trained under some amazing coaches and mentors.

Over the last 20 years I learned techniques and strategies to help people get past whatever it was that was holding them back…put simply help them light a fire inside to go after and achieve their goals and dreams.

I have worked with hundreds of people from every walk of life you can imagine.

I focus on working with people who want to remove barriers to their growth, who are ready to put in the work and work through a coaching process to achieve aspirational, tangible, meaningful change.

So far, this journey has led me to work with many great people, from concerned parents to CEO’s, young people leaving School to highly qualified individuals changing career direction, singers to surgeons, musicians to carers and athletes to service men and woman.  This is one amazing perk of this work, I get to work with and support such a diverse range of people like you and me to make the change that matters to them.

I’m a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.  Life Coach and trained hypnotherapist.  I have been trained in relaxation techniques, agile, active learning set’s, group work and have experience in public speaking through my career)

 Here is a wee quote from one of my mentors Ali Campbell. 

“Scott is the guy in the room, who had just a ‘knack’, a nice way, a gentle word, but equally an ability to effect change in the people he was working with…” Ali Campbell – One of the UK’s top Life and Business Coaches and a Best Selling Author.

Contact me if you are ready to make lasting change in your life and perform at your highest level within your business.

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