About Me

I have over 19 years’ experience in working with people from all backgrounds from young people who are struggling in life to senior business executives.

I’ve been trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Life Coaching to be authentic and have an approach which is based on your needs, to be professional and to make quick and lasting change.

I have personally studied NLP for 20 years and used it as a young adult to get over key life events and change the direction his own life was heading... for example to get over trauma as well as to get through bankruptcy, relationship breakdowns and housing issues.  I have skills, tools and experience to help you change your life for the better.

I help busy people increase their performance in work and life.  This Life Coaching approach is very effective.  You can achieve this through intensive coaching or we can work at a pace that suits you through the effective life coaching course.

I help you get free from specific issues such as fears, phobias, negative self-talk, physical pain & negative life experiences.

You can press your reset button in your life.

If you have something big coming up in any area of your life that causes you fear or you are avoiding due to the way you are playing out past experiences (real or imagined), then you can get help.

"If you just feel a bit stuck, not sure why or even have a clear picture about what is holding you back, then there are options. My 'coaching toolkit' will help you beyond where your current imagination can see... I have experienced life changing shifts, you can have that too and it's really important to me... if you want help... I want to help you get it"

Contact me if you want to get help to finally get rid of your particular anxiety.