About Me

My Vision: Is to help people to realise their full potential to achieve abundance beyond their current life circumstances.

Mission: To provide Coaching services and resources to individuals, groups and companies with passion for positive change. We do this guided by the core principles of caring, nurturing and delivering results.

I believe there is abundance in the world for everyone who uses the right mindset, tools and effective effort and I create a safe space for my clients work through past and future challenges with ease.

Scott has 19 years’ experience in working with people.  He qualifies in his first therapy as a Tai Chi - Chi Kung instructor at 18 years of age and went on to learn a host of therapies and treatments to help people get more out of their lives.

Scott uses his training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Life Coaching to be authentic and has an approach that is based on the clients needs, is professional and can help you make lasting change.

'I help people with things like: getting over a traumatic event, to achieve that promotion, after relationship breakdowns, to improve their business, increase confidence, to change how they feel. increase their performance in work and life.

We can meet face-to-face in for coaching anywhere in the West of Scotland.  We can meet by appointment, in the office in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, at your place of work, your home or somewhere else that suits.  We can even do sessions over the phone and on video conferencing like Skype or Facetime for convenience if you are based elsewhere in the world.

Life Coaching approach is very effective.  You can achieve this through a two day intensive coaching programme or we can work at a pace that suits you through the 10 session life coaching course.

I also help people get free from specific issues such as fears, phobias, negative self-talk, physical pain & negative life experiences.  This is often fears of things like spiders, needles, flying, mice, the list goes on.

I am here to help my clients to press your reset button and feel much better about the direction of their lives fast.

If you have something that's holding your life back then you can get help and if that sounds like something you would like to experience, then get in touch for a free initial consultation. 

 Quote from one of the UK top Coaches and Scott's Mentor Ali Campbell

"[Scott is] the guy in the room who, had just a 'knack', a nice way, a gentle word, but equally an ability to effect change in the people he was working with... Another thing to note is the speed at which Scott and I work, we are not talking about something that will take a link time." Ali Campbell - Top Personal Development Coach and Best Selling Author

Contagious Optimism Co-Author

contagious optimism book by David Mezzapelle

Scott Duncan is the only Scottish Co-Author in the US based personal development paperback, Contagious Optimism, by David Mezzepelle.  David worked with Scott as one of the books Co-Authors to help make his Scottish writing more manageable for the American reader.

If you just feel a bit stuck, not sure why or even have a clear picture about what is holding you back, then there are options.  My 'coaching toolkit' will help you get beyond where your current at... I have personally experienced life changing shifts, you can have that too and it's really important to me... if you want help... I want to help you get it.

Contact me if you want to get help to finally get rid of your particular anxiety in life.