scott duncan youtube channel video about facing your fears

Facing Your Fears

September 28, 2017

Facing Your Fears Do you have challenges in facing your fears? I have had sessions with a lot of clients who have avoided specific situations, simply to avoid fear.  You can get help to face your fear. Facing your fears in life can be about changing a bad habit, creating new habits, trying something that…

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justitia symbol of justice

Getting over being a victim of crime

September 25, 2017

Getting over being a victim of crime! Being the victim of any crime can be something that lasts beyond the crime itself.  You can sometimes get help from services within the justice system, however, in my experience, this can very much depend on luck, a postcode lottery, the leadership in your local justice system and…

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cruise ship at sea - analogy for life

The Ship at Sea & Navigating through your life!

August 31, 2017

The Ship at Sea & Navigating Through Your Life! The ship is like you, the vessel or body.  The ships instruments which help you steer and direct the ship as well as the warning equipment are like your thoughts, and the captain is like your actions and behaviour. The destination has been agreed, you are…

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vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients

August 3, 2017

vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients In this clip I go into my own experience of getting life coaching as the ‘client’.  Where I also talk about results I have seen in other people who have been through the same journey. vlog: Scott’s experience of life coaching which he…

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Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating

July 30, 2017

Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating I have been following Tim Ferriss’s work for years now, after reading his book ‘Four Hour Work Week‘, which is basically about high level performance and effectiveness, not about laziness as many people who have not read the book and only seen the title assume it is about.…

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Ali Campbell a day to change your life

A Day to Change Your Life live 2 – 2017

July 29, 2017

A Day to Change Your Life live 2 – 2017 A Day to Change Your Life…with one of the worlds leading personal development coaches and best selling author – Ali Campbell and special guest life coach, professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing winner, Camilla Dallerup coming to the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland. The…

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lady with anxiety

My Anxiety

July 7, 2017

Our Relationship with Anxiety I’ve had a lot of enquiries from people about their anxieties that are holding them back in other areas of their life.  A common theme highlighted by the people reaching out for help is often feeling embarrassed to admit that they have an issue at all and they often mention that…

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Passing On My Self Help Books

June 12, 2017

After taking a Life Coaching Course, one of my own insights was that I had spent years trying to ‘fix myself’ and ‘get fixed’ by others.  I had collected a large pile of self-help books, CD’s, audiobooks, course materials… the list goes on! The content of many of these books were helpful, some even helped…

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Phobia of Wasps – effective treatment

May 14, 2017

Phobia of Wasps  Phobia of Wasps…has come up a few times in the last week.  It makes sense right? The weather has been better (one of two nice sunny days in a pretty wet summer) and people start to see their phobia buzzing around the garden, in friends gardens, the beer garden, god forbid, in…

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