My Anxiety

July 7, 2017

Our Relationship with Anxiety I’ve had a lot of enquiries from people about their anxieties that are holding them back in other areas of their life.  A common theme highlighted by the people reaching out for help is often feeling embarrassed to admit that they have an issue at all and they often mention that…

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Passing On My Self Help Books

June 12, 2017

After taking Ali Campbell’s Life Coaching Course, one of my insights was that I had spent years trying to ‘fix myself’ and ‘get fixed’ by others. I had collected a large pile of self-help books, CD’s, audiobooks, course materials… the list goes on! The content of many of these books were helpful, some even helped…

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Phobia of Wasps – effective treatment

May 14, 2017

Phobia of Wasps  …has come up a few times in the last week.  It makes sense right? The weather has been better (one of two nice sunny days in a pretty wet summer) and people start to see their phobia buzzing around the garden, in friends gardens, the beer garden, god forbid, in the house!…

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