Life Coaching

Why Performance Coaching Can Help You too!

performance coach at a gig helping musicians

So, here is why performance coaching can help you to! I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with musicians, performers and singers as their coach.  It’s a fun part of what I do. A performer often get’s the support of coaches for specific areas of the performance, such as speaking, voice coaching, singing, movement,…

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Skills and techniques that helped me change my life!

life coaching hypnotherapy NLP TFT wellness vlog

Tools that helped me change my life! I started learning about personal development when I was 17 years old yo help me change my life.  I had a fascination with coaching from my very early years, even in Primary School (around age 9/10).  I used to coach a friend through school who had a recognised…

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The Ship at Sea & Navigating through your life!

cruise ship at sea - analogy for life

The Ship at Sea & Navigating Through Your Life! The ship is like you, the vessel represents our body.  The ships instruments which help you steer and direct the ship as well as the warning equipment are like your mind and thoughts, and the captain is like your actions and behaviour. The ship at sea…

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vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients

vlog: What I Got from Life Coaching and the benefits to Clients. In this clip I go into my own experience of getting life coaching as the ‘client’.  Where I also talk about results I have seen in other people who have been through the same journey. vlog: Scott’s experience of life coaching which he…

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