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As a business owner you will at some point in your career gain support to be at your best, to face challenges in your performance, how you feel about your roll, management, your Board, your own performance…

Understanding your business

Initially the coaching is about you within the business.  As your coach I make the effort to learn more about your business and make this part of the coaching process, with experience as an advisor and with Board experience I can learn more about your business model, aspirations, market and competition.  This helps me better understand how your own asspirations align with the business objectives and where we can most effectively help you get the results that you and the business aspire to.

Your hidden fears can be addressed in confidence 

As an executive you will know more than anybody that you’re level of performance matters and that sometimes we don’t have many places to turn for advice and support.  Often we can’t see the wood for the trees.  You may not have anybody to turn to who you can be very open and frank with, who you can share your innermost fears and self beliefs, or just that you don’t want the people around you to know that you are struggling.

The Personal Side of the Leadership team

Many of the businessmen and Businesswoman who buy in coaching support are looking to focus on the business, this is often 100% of the focus, that said, on other occasions we have to flex our arrangements to allow for space to deal with issues that are very personal and close to home.  This happens with a handful of my clients because there is often something in our lives that is holding us back in our business.  It may be juggling family, finances and relationship, it can be the things we tell ourselves and give ourselves a hard time for… whatever it is, it so often is having an impact on how we perform at work, in meetings, presenting ourselves, managing people and in our own behaviours.  The great news is that every week I see people remove those barriers and you can physically see them change in-front of your eyes… and that moment is what drive me, I love helping business people realise their potential and make positive and lasting change.

Why get a Coach? 

I tend to work with people who have the mindset that they don’t know everything, they may be the best or very close to being the best within their industry or sector… but just be the kind of person who looks out for ways to learn and grow.  I tend to work with people who like to sap up information about personal and business growth and development.  I love working with people who are determined to make there business goals a reality and realise that for them to get what they want, then they need to change.

Who gets ‘coached’ in the business? 

I work with an individual executives as well as work with teams of senior managers.  This is often done one to one basis with more than one manager getting coaching at a time.  It often depends on the agreed objectives and stage of the business.  For example in high growth companies, it often helps to have communications, for example meetings, sales pitches, phone calls observed by the coach to recognise patterns of communication.  I have worked with sales directors to help them improve the way they communicate to the people on the sales floor to get better results and achieve KPI’s.  In a number of companies the coaching is with one senior manager or leader for an agreed amount of time because they are facing a specific challenge which they have already identified, for example public speaking and engagements, procrastination, something holding them back, fear of change and new challenges, negative self talk (monkey mind chatter).

How I work with your business? 

We work together on coaching projects that are from 6 months to 24 months.  This includes a minimum of 4 sessions per month and is billed as a retainer.  The reason that I work this way is to focus on my clients personal and business needs.  We both leave coaching sessions with actions, which may include me as the coach looking at the latest financial projections of business plan update.

When I am asked by private clients for help with for example using NLP for a phobia of say, getting into lifts, flying or spiders… it is usually quite a quick fix process.  They tend not to be business people in the main (not always the case, some business people have suffered from phobias too!) .  The difference that I see is businesses flux, the market changes, they pivot, new projects start and end and the goal posts often move with little notice.  So, my roll is to, over an agreed period of time become a go to coach, with expertise in a range of methods, techniques and strategies.  I am essentially by your side along the way, while not creating a reliance, but an alliance for professional growth.

Your Executive Coaching

Your Executive Coaching programme is designed around your needs, availability, time scales, geographical location and personal preference. We set off with an initial meeting to make sure we are a good fit for one another! You have to be happy that your coach will have your back and do what’s right… while as a professional coach I want to make sure I am right for you and your business.

If you are saying, ‘I want to be better for and in my business’ or you want support for people in your business. Then contact me to see what we can work on together.

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