Intensive Programme

This is a two day intensive programme where I work with you one to one to help you though your main life challenges and help you to move on to the next level of your life.

The two days will focus you on key areas of your life, help you get insights into where you are most at ease and what makes you really tick deep down… while also increasing you awareness of where to go next.

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You can access this programme by booking two consecutive days that are designed to help you make changes in your life that are aligned to your own inner knowing and help you reconnect with yourself at a fundamental level.

These two day sessions often suit busy people who tend to struggle to get time out of their schedule and the best option for them is to take the time out for ‘training’ or annual leave.

When I got to learn the Life Coaching I had learned three pretty major insights into how I was not living out my true values, what I wanted to do more off, what past goals (which many failed) were actually all about to me at a deeper level and what I wanted to do less of in life! My energy levels and feeling of self-sabotage turned into a feeling of excitement for the future… all in a very short space in time in comparison to the years of self-help books and ineffective therapy.