Here is a handful of clients feedback about Scott Duncan Coaching, not all clients share the fact that they use a coach or therapist, so there is no pressure for people to share their coaching experience, some of my clients have shared their feedback:

‘Where to start? Scott’s coaching works, I can feel and see a deep routed change after only a few sessions. His approachable yet professional manner makes you feel like you are in good hands. He went over and above from the start and I felt like his support carried on even after the sessions were finished. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone that feels they want to work on Personal Development, I know this is just the start of mine and I want to thank him for helping me achieve more than I could have wished for these past few weeks.’ Charlene, Singer and Performer.

“Many thanks for your time. I feel that I have tools to act on, which make perfect sense now and appreciate your help” Jo, Glasgow

“Great..Scott is professional and welcoming. I felt very comfortable about trying a new healing treatment and Scott explained fully what the session entailed. Excellent follow up from Scott.” Steph, Glasgow.

“Scott combines professionalism with approachability and friendliness whilst maintaining integrity and quality. Through KCR & coaching Scott helped immensely not only with pain caused by injury but also underlying issues behind anxiety.  I quite often find myself taking a step back and thinking about some of the key things Scott said to/taught me; my mindset has changed for the better and so too has my ability to live a life less anxiously…I would highly recommend Scott Duncan.” Donna, Renfrewshire.

“Scott is an incredibly supportive and talented coach who helped my son to regain confidence after being seriously bullied at school. After some time with Scott my son had the confidence to apply to college, go for an interview and start a new group. He was accepted for college and Scott played a massive role in helping achieve that goal. Can’t thank him enough – you’re an amazing person Scott!” Louisa, Glasgow.

“Scott came to help me as i have fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome and in chronic pain all the time. I didnt know what to expect and was a but nervous but scott is so friendly and professional he made me feel at ease right away and explained everything that he was going to do and was very gentle he also gave me some tips and exercises to do on my own. I would highly recommend u give it a try.” Toni, Stirlingshire.

“Scott came to help me with a trapped nerve in my neck. He resolved the issue after only one session. I would highly recommend” Angela, Renfrewshire.

“Scott is a very forward thinking coach. I solicited Scott’s help for public speaking – since then I’ve confidently participated in speaking networking events and have my first speaking engagement the Federation of Small Businesses coming up. Scott also helped me understand the power of social media in building my brand and the power of integrating systems into my business to help streamline and buy back time. Would highly recommend Scott – he has an incredibly strong business mind and has been a great source of support and advice for me, so far, when going through the successes and struggles of being a small business owner” Victoria, Managing Director, MLC.

“Scott has been a valuable resource for my business on more than one occasion, Scott knows his stuff and can also think out of the box to get results that really matter. If I was to say to any potential business partners or anyone looking for a business solution to work then Scott is certainly should be your first call. he has a great way with people too, it has been a pleasure working with Scott Duncan and I am sure it won’t be the last time we will be working on a project. Thanks for all your hard work…” Brian McGuire, Founder, Paisley Web Design