Specific Issues

If you have specific issues that are holding you back or effecting your life, like phobias, anxiety, fears, dealing with past trauma, then I have tried and tested tools that can help you to feel better and move into a new level in life.

If you want to be free from phobias that stop you doing what you want in life, if you know anybody who is really struggling to get through the day, if you jump at even the thought of something and it makes you react and behave in ways that others just don’t understand… then you can get help!

Even if you have tried other methods to be free from a phobia, fear, addictive behaviour… you could be one or two sessions away from freedom.

If your specific issue is not listed, just get in touch and we help you out… there are so many different specific issues that can hold people back that it is near on impossible to list all of them… so give me a call or fill in the contact form and let’s get you some effective help!