The FreeFrom Anxiety Programme was developed exclusively by Scott Duncan Coaching.  FreeFrom Anxiety is designed specifically with you in mind to help you go from an anxiety sufferer to being FreeFrom the effects of anxiety.

"Many thanks for your time. I feel that I have tools to act on, which make perfect sense now and appreciate your help" Joanne, Glasgow

Our approach to helping you!

Anxiety is a series of thoughts, feelings, emotions which then act out in behaviors and actions in our daily lives.  Anxiety tends to be something that is hard to pinpoint in ourselves and we can't work out where it comes from or how it is triggered.  That stressed or 'on-edge' feeling can be a thing of the past and it is NOT deep routed or 'set in Stone.

FreeFrom Anxiety helps to work that out quickly and effectively where it all came from.

In a few sessions, you can be FreeFrom Anxiety with lasting results that will help you change your own thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

You can get help to be free of anxiety quickly and effectively.  Here is what you could be looking forward to:

Feeling calm

Feeling relaxed

Being more accepting of who you are and can be

Feel that you can cope with anything the world throws at you

No longer worry about what other people think about you

No longer feeling the need to aim for perfection

Feeling more confident

Increased self -esteem

Feeling in control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

Feeling in control of your actions and behaviors

Having more drive to try new or different things

Looking after yourself more

Having the confidence to make the changes you want to make

Feel you have something to offer the world

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