If you are scared of anything in life, then you are not alone. Fear has played a big role in the survival of the human species… it helps you run like the wind if a lion pops out to chase you through the wild hot lands, if a woolly mammoth turns up and wants to munch you up for dinner or if the looney from two years above you in school wants to take your lunch money!

Often fear then plays itself out after an event has happened. An example of that is after I had been in a car accident I had fears building up, into feelings of stress and anxiety when getting into any fast moving means of travel, or if I heard a loud bang! Twelve plus years of these fears (as well as fears that someone would drive round the bend on my side of the road and wipe out me and my family), eventually got addressed in one session of NLP and Life Coaching! It was instant… I had counselling years back and it just helped me to logically look at what had happened and acknowledge how I felt about it, ‘cure me?’, not at all.


Fear used in the right circumstances helps us still to survive, a fear of needles for example can be a healthy thing if the needle is lined with an elicit class A drug, but if it has a life-saving liquid in there… then maybe the fear is not warranted… a fear of getting hurt by someone who is known for violence and is clearly on the war path, this might help you get out of the situation… but if you are three years out of the situation, then it may be time to get help to remove the fear or the past event.

Fear of public speaking is said to be more common than the fear of dying… I find it hard to not find that a wee bit amusing as in theory that kind of means that some people would rather be dead than talk to people from a stage or podium…

If it is a fear of standing out in the crowd, making a mistake in front of people, being rejected from our peers, then in a way it is kind of logical… but often we put strange little personal quirks to our fears, listening to your fears I can help you get to the deeper solution to eradicate feeling and and responses that are negative related to the fear.