You and I were not born with phobias of anything… When we are wee babies, newly born we don’t have fears of things life spiders, heights, mice, dogs, public speaking, going out the house [insert your own phobia]… we learn this stuff, and some of the time we have no idea where it came from.

When we first come into this world we had it inbuilt to be scared of loud noise and failing… this is all about survival… but another thing we do as time goes on (again for survival) is to use experiences and thoughts to avoid pain or any kind… our thoughts and feelings then play tricks on us… all of a sudden we are scared of some animal, object or activity to the point that we do not act rationally when that event is in play (or even if we think about it)

Fear of flying for example: we never knew how to be scared of flying when we were born… unless you count the poor screaming babies with ear ache as the plane starts to descend for landing… There has been some memory or event that, creates thoughts about the event, which creates feelings and leads to the actions… I can help you get access to the way we process these thoughts and neutralise the feelings around it.